Q. How do you charge for medical billing services?

A. We calculate our all-inclusive fees as a percentage of fees collected. No surprises.

Q. Does L & C Medical Billing provide a good return on investment?

A. Here are the results you can expect with L & C Medical Billing:

  • Increased income. Most practices, find that the increase in successful collections covers the cost of our service, before considering savings in staff time and billing expenses such as paper, postage, printing, and storage.
  • A reduction of claims denied because of errors in coding and billing. When your staff has to fit billing in between other tasks, it’s easy for them to make costly mistakes. A major insurance company estimates that 50% of all claims submitted contain errors. Ours don’t.
  • Savings on paper, ink, hardware replacement, postage, fuel, storage space, and other expenses associated with paper billing. Paper billing can cost three times as much as electronic billing.
  • Staff freed from repetitive billing tasks and paperwork. Your support staff will be happier and better able to provide patient care.
  • Quicker turnaround time on payments leading to improved cash flow.
  • More faithful, more profitable patients. Studies have shown that electronic billing results in satisfied patients who are more likely to stay with your practice and to choose to visit you more often.

L & C Medical Billing will be happy to help you calculate the savings and benefits our service can provide for your practice in particular.

Q. Where do payments go?

A. Payments are always sent directly to your practice, or to a designated lock box account. All we need is a copy of the EOB to properly credit your account.

Q. Are you HIPAA-compliant?

A. Absolutely. L & C Medical Billing is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements and standards. We make it our business to stay up to date on all regulations and changes.

Q. Who will we talk with?

A. L & C Medical Billing will assign one or more dedicated account executives to your account. This person will handle all aspects of your billing needs: entering charges, submitting claims, sending patient statements, following up, and answering patient billing questions. Your Account Executive will be fully aware of all your needs and special circumstances – no need to explain things repeatedly.

Q. Who does the patient talk to?

A. Our toll-free number is always on your patients’ statements. We encourage your patients to contact us first. This saves you time and stress.


Q. What kind of information do you need from my practice?

A. We have a short list:

  • Your superbill (we’ll design one if you need it)
  • Patient registration sheets and insurance cards when you add or update information
  • Your practice’s contract and related fee schedules

Q. Can I submit information electronically?

A. This is our preference. If for any reason you cannot submit the information electronically, we’ll set up a courier for you at no extra charge.

Q. Can I access my practice data online?

A. You have real-time access to all your information, with sophisticated reporting options.

Q. What kind of reports do you offer?

A. You can run custom reports with the level of detail you need. In addition, our standard report package includes comprehensive monthly closing reports that confirm productivity:

  • Summary analysis
  • Charges
  • Insurance payments
  • Patient payments
  • Monthly revenue, sorted by provider
  • Aged receivables sorted by provider or insurance carrier
  • Delinquent reports
  • Collection reports
  • Credit balance
  • Pending claims
  • Practice-specific reports

Q. Can you handle managed-care plans?

A. We request copies of your practice’s contract and related fee schedules when we’re setting up your account, and we update our system’s profiles for each of those contracts. This allows us to monitor expected reimbursement and appeal any underpayments or denials.

Q. Are you a collection agency?

A. L & C Medical Billing focuses strictly on billing and follow-up. However, we pursue delinquent insurance claims and continue to work on them until payment is received. We also work with patient receivables as long as there is activity. We will inform you if in our judgment you need to consider a collection agency.